Hey. I'm Rebecca.

Writing about one’s own writing is the worst. You run the risk of sounding pretentious, boring, or an insufferable combination of both. I will say that my goal is always to write with emotional authenticity and capture the most raw of human emotions: Sadness, loss, despair, and anger. I don’t usually write happy stuff. I’ll let you decide what that says about me.   

You can do with my stories what you will. Not, like, republish them without permission or pass them off as your own, but you’re free to make your own meaning as a reader. There’s not a text in this class. Perception is reality. How’s that for authorial intent?

To pay the bills, I’m a licensed mental health and substance abuse clinician. I don’t write about my clients, but their pain, love, and resilience inspires me and informs my writing. I’m also co-founder of a tech startup, myEMRcard. I have degrees in mental health counseling, political science, and literature, and also served time in law school. 

When I’m not writing, I love cuddling with my dogs, boating, raising chickens, and baking.